Author Topic: Problematic spline areas, freezing during a generation  (Read 351 times)


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Problematic spline areas, freezing during a generation
« on: February 27, 2020, 10:27:51 pm »
I've added a detailed spline area and Cityscape Pro has frozen during the calculation. How can I fix that?

On rare occasions, a problematic spline area can cause freezing during generation and/or wrong calculation results. There are a couple of ways of fixing that issue:

1. Diagnose a scene, find which spline area is causing a problem. The right side of the progress bar shows the percentage and also displays a spline area name when a mesh is generated, if the scene freezes, the last displayed spline name could potentially be causing a problem.
2. Apply the Cityscape Spline modifier on a problematic spline area and make sure "Alternative Calculation" Checkbox is enabled, then generate the Cityscape Pro again. The "Alternative Calculation" checkbox forces Cityscape Pro to use an alternative calculation algorithm that can fix a problem in many cases. For more information, please go to "Cityscape Spline" link:
3. Another option to fix an inaccurate calculation result can be redrawing and/or shifting a problematic spline area vertices around a bit.
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