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Cityscape Pro v1.2.1
« on: October 23, 2019, 10:52:27 pm »
A new version of Cityscape Pro is available.


• Corona Renderer support!
• A new actual Supergrass object which eliminates viewport problems and can also be used as a standalone tool outside of Cityscape Pro Environment.
• A custom title can be assigned to the Cityscape Pro helper in the viewport to make the workflow more intuitive.
• Automatic Material setup option in Road texture with Dry Wet and Winter materials.
• AutoDust mask preset in Road texture, which automates road dust setup by reusing existing paint lines.
• Curbed Area now has a range of height options, from 0.01m to 0.2m.
• Up to 20% faster calculation on large scenes.
• Improved Crosswalk preset in Road Texture tool.
• Local Material library at C:\Program Files\Simpolium location – Improves material load time and eliminates slow network-related errors.
• When clicking a grey Generate Button and no changes are detected, Cityscape Pro asks if the user wants to do a full regeneration.
• Improved Geometry repair algorithm.
• A new Refine tool, which increases a mesh density in specified areas to improve the accuracy of complex hardscape area calculations.


• When a spline self-intersection was detected, Cityscape was selecting a wrong spline.
• Curbed Area was sometimes generated at a wrong height.
• Scenes with multiple Cityscape Pro helpers did not always detect spline updates.
• The license had to be activated per individual user.
• Modify surface tab had an interface update bug.
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