Author Topic: Cityscape Pro v1.1.2  (Read 280 times)


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Cityscape Pro v1.1.2
« on: October 23, 2019, 10:33:49 pm »
A new version of Cityscape Pro is available.


• Interactive Generate Button starts blinking when changes are detected in splines, surface or Cityscape interface
• Self-intersection check on splines with highlighted vertices
• A new licensing system that allows greater flexibility when transferring licenses to other workstations.
• New Curbcut with adaptive subdivision, Larger areas can be created without slowdown
• New Depression template in Terrain
• Angle control on Depression and berm templates
• New Custom dashed line where you can specify line length and gap length
• New follow surface Checkbox in Snow Geometry for more flexibility
• Snow and Water geometry are now created with materials
• Ability to generate more than one road texture per 3ds max scene
• Optimized code resulting in a faster calculation
• Interface improvements
• Update Notifications


• A full update would be triggered on autosaves, resulting in unnecessary full calculations
• Hardscape Area List items were not calculated properly when moved up or down
• Supergrass was not following Hardscape Area list when moved up or down
• Smoothing group issues on water geometry
• Snow geometry was changing material and node on each generation
• Road material was losing instances in some cases
• New Supergrass Template
• Delete button not working in the curbed area list
• Mapping issues on Channel 2 when real-world map size is on by default in preferences
• Distance spline geometry was visible in viewport when rendering
• Select button was not working properly in Material Library