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Cityscape Pro v0.8.2 beta
« on: October 23, 2019, 10:29:00 pm »
A new version of Cityscape Pro is available.


• Optimized code resulting much faster calculation times.
• Select all splines feature, which allows user to quickly isolate all splines for editing.
• New Curb Profiles:  None and Low Curb (same as Default, but only 10mm height).
• Minor improvements in user interface.
• Improved polygon clipping algorithm producing more accurate result.
• New Adaptive Subdivision – subdividing mesh as required to increase reliability with complex splines.
• Curb Cut polycount has been reduced by 60% without sacrificing quality.
• Self Intersection detection on splines.


• Polygon triangulation and smoothing issues are fixed.
• Mapping issues are fixed.
• Cityscape Mapping modifier did not work with negative values – fixed.
• New geometry cleanup algorithm – greatly reduces chances of having distorted curbs.
• Spline interpolation defaulting to 6 – fixed.
• Generating double faces on large scenes – fixed.
• Error on clearing a spline – fixed.
• Hardscape areas not generating properly (even if the spline does not have self intersection) – fixed.
• Frozen calculation –  fixed.
• Scenes with terrain were not generated properly – fixed.
• Scenes using third party plugins that had auto-update enabled on surface object was very slow to generate – fixed.
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