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FAQ / Improve viewport performance.
« on: October 24, 2019, 01:42:34 pm »
I have noticed that one of the site scenes that use Cityscape Pro have a slow viewport performance, the scene frequently freezes for couple of seconds. Can I fix it?

There are many reasons why viewport can be slow, most of them are not related to Cityscape Pro, Reducing total polycount of the scene would be a good start, reducing number of objects in a scene by deleting/collapsing objects would be another important thing to do.

But there is one viewport setting that might negatively affect a viewport performance in a scene with Cityscape Pro. The Road Texture tool In Cityscape Pro can generate a very complex composite map. For optimal viewport performance, it is highly recommended to set the viewport rendering level to “basic” mode in 3ds max per-viewport performance window > Per View Presets > Rendering Level.

Cityscape Pro / Best Practices
« on: October 23, 2019, 11:13:44 pm »
Surface Object

The surface object is used as a base for all calculations. The geometry should be single sided, with normals facing upwards. The topology should be simple, clean and uniform, a plane object would be an ideal, but complex terrain objects can be used as a surface as long the topology is clean and low poly. The surface should NOT contain double faces, flipped polygons, zero area triangles, or holes. It is recommended to use Terrain tool under Modify surface tab to add holes and other terrain assets.

Input Splines

The Input splines for Cityscape Pro should be simple, with minimum required interpolation. Vertex count should be as low as possible to speed up calculations and avoid problems. It is highly recommended to clean up splines that are directly imported from CAD software. In some cases it might make more sense to completely rebuild splines before using them in Cityscape Pro. The splines should NOT be self intersecting, when self intersection is detected, an error message will pop up with highlighted spline. All splines should be Closed, with an exception of Road Texture spline mask templates. When open spline is detected, an error message with highlighted vertices will pop up.

Fix hardscape areas that were not generated properly - Refine tool

Geometry defects on the generated mesh is a rare occasion, but there is a dedicated tool to fix that: Curbed Areas toolbar > Refine. Procedure: Draw a small rectangle that covers the problematic area, pick it as a refine spline and generate. The Refine tool will subdivide the specified area and calculation resolution will increase to generate a correct mesh. Second option would be slightly shifting the problematic hardscape area spline vertices around in random directions. simplifying/reducing vertex count of the problematic splines could also help.

Viewport settings for optimal performance

The Road Texture tool In Cityscape Pro can generate a very complex composite map. For optimal viewport performance, it is highly recommended to set the viewport rendering level to “basic” mode in 3ds max per-viewport performance window > Per View Presets > Rendering Level.

Distance from a scene centre

It is recommended to place Cityscape assets close to 3ds max scene centre to avoid problems caused by calculation accuracy. When the problem is detected, a warning message will appear.

Non-destructice workflow

The result that gets generated by Cityscape Pro gets updated on each generation. It is not recommended to apply modifiers on top of Curbed Area geometry, otherwise all custom edits on generated Curbed Area geometry will be lost on next generation. The same principle applies to a Surface object, when a Modify Surface checkbox is enabled, a Cityscape Surface modifier gets applied to original surface object, which stores a new, modified mesh generated by Cityscape Pro. DO NOT collapse Cityscape Surface modifier, Do not place any modifiers on top of Cityscape Surface modifier. If you'd like to make any edits to the original surface object, edit the original object UNDER the Cityscape Surface modifier and regenerate Citycape Pro.

Generation stages

Cityscape Pro has multiple dependant stages of generation to reduce the calculation time and only regenerate elements that need update. If the changes are made to a lower level, like Surface object, a full generation will be triggered, if the change is minor, a partial generation might occur, which can save calculation time. Cityscape Pro keeps multiple levels of buffered geometry to avoid full recalculation on minor changes.

Naming Cityscape Pro elements

Cityscape Pro is designed to generate large, detailed city scale site models. It is very important to name all input splines properly to make a workflow intuitive. When a name of the Cityscape Pro helper is changed, a new name is displayed in a viewport. If you have multiple Cityscape Pro helpers in a scene, it can be useful to name them accordingly, for example: "Main Site", "Context Site", "Pavement Texture 01" and etc.

System Units Scale in 3ds Max

It is recommended to use inches in 3ds max System Units Scale –  Costumize>>Units Setup>>System Unit Setup>>System Unit Scale: 1 Unit = 1 Inches.

Announcements / Cityscape Pro v1.2.4
« on: October 23, 2019, 10:54:06 pm »
A new version of Cityscape Pro is available.

Cityscape Pro v1.2.4


• New warning messages to troubleshoot problematic scenes.
• RED color for interactive generate button that indicates a problem.
• New “Hide Warnings” Checkbox.


• The curbed area would disappear if snow geometry was generated.
• Snow geometry had spikes in some scenes.
• The curbed area up and down arrows did not work properly.
• Spline would not get picked in Road texture ‘fill closed shape’ mask.
• Modify Surface lists were loading wrong default settings.
• Minor UI fixes in Road Texture tool.

Announcements / Cityscape Pro v1.2.1
« on: October 23, 2019, 10:52:27 pm »
A new version of Cityscape Pro is available.


• Corona Renderer support!
• A new actual Supergrass object which eliminates viewport problems and can also be used as a standalone tool outside of Cityscape Pro Environment.
• A custom title can be assigned to the Cityscape Pro helper in the viewport to make the workflow more intuitive.
• Automatic Material setup option in Road texture with Dry Wet and Winter materials.
• AutoDust mask preset in Road texture, which automates road dust setup by reusing existing paint lines.
• Curbed Area now has a range of height options, from 0.01m to 0.2m.
• Up to 20% faster calculation on large scenes.
• Improved Crosswalk preset in Road Texture tool.
• Local Material library at C:\Program Files\Simpolium location – Improves material load time and eliminates slow network-related errors.
• When clicking a grey Generate Button and no changes are detected, Cityscape Pro asks if the user wants to do a full regeneration.
• Improved Geometry repair algorithm.
• A new Refine tool, which increases a mesh density in specified areas to improve the accuracy of complex hardscape area calculations.


• When a spline self-intersection was detected, Cityscape was selecting a wrong spline.
• Curbed Area was sometimes generated at a wrong height.
• Scenes with multiple Cityscape Pro helpers did not always detect spline updates.
• The license had to be activated per individual user.
• Modify surface tab had an interface update bug.

Announcements / Cityscape Pro v1.1.2
« on: October 23, 2019, 10:33:49 pm »
A new version of Cityscape Pro is available.


• Interactive Generate Button starts blinking when changes are detected in splines, surface or Cityscape interface
• Self-intersection check on splines with highlighted vertices
• A new licensing system that allows greater flexibility when transferring licenses to other workstations.
• New Curbcut with adaptive subdivision, Larger areas can be created without slowdown
• New Depression template in Terrain
• Angle control on Depression and berm templates
• New Custom dashed line where you can specify line length and gap length
• New follow surface Checkbox in Snow Geometry for more flexibility
• Snow and Water geometry are now created with materials
• Ability to generate more than one road texture per 3ds max scene
• Optimized code resulting in a faster calculation
• Interface improvements
• Update Notifications


• A full update would be triggered on autosaves, resulting in unnecessary full calculations
• Hardscape Area List items were not calculated properly when moved up or down
• Supergrass was not following Hardscape Area list when moved up or down
• Smoothing group issues on water geometry
• Snow geometry was changing material and node on each generation
• Road material was losing instances in some cases
• New Supergrass Template
• Delete button not working in the curbed area list
• Mapping issues on Channel 2 when real-world map size is on by default in preferences
• Distance spline geometry was visible in viewport when rendering
• Select button was not working properly in Material Library

Announcements / Cityscape Pro v1.0.1
« on: October 23, 2019, 10:31:26 pm »
A new version of Cityscape Pro is available.


• Improved user interface, a new interactive generate button.
• Terrain – Modify existing terrain or create new from scratch.
• Water – Create realistic lakes, reservoirs by using spline areas.
• New Material Library with a category filter, added presets.
• Snow –  Create stunning winter scenes  with a full control.
• Road Texture – Create parametric roads with pavement markings.
• Supergrass – Hyper-realistic grass with one click.
• Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Announcements / Cityscape Pro v0.9.1 beta
« on: October 23, 2019, 10:30:25 pm »
A new version of Cityscape Pro is available.


• Improvements:
• Redesigned user interface, more hardscape areas.
• Ability to swap splines between slots.
• Geometry caching and partial calculations to improve performance.
• Bug fixes.

Announcements / Cityscape Pro v0.8.2 beta
« on: October 23, 2019, 10:29:00 pm »
A new version of Cityscape Pro is available.


• Optimized code resulting much faster calculation times.
• Select all splines feature, which allows user to quickly isolate all splines for editing.
• New Curb Profiles:  None and Low Curb (same as Default, but only 10mm height).
• Minor improvements in user interface.
• Improved polygon clipping algorithm producing more accurate result.
• New Adaptive Subdivision – subdividing mesh as required to increase reliability with complex splines.
• Curb Cut polycount has been reduced by 60% without sacrificing quality.
• Self Intersection detection on splines.


• Polygon triangulation and smoothing issues are fixed.
• Mapping issues are fixed.
• Cityscape Mapping modifier did not work with negative values – fixed.
• New geometry cleanup algorithm – greatly reduces chances of having distorted curbs.
• Spline interpolation defaulting to 6 – fixed.
• Generating double faces on large scenes – fixed.
• Error on clearing a spline – fixed.
• Hardscape areas not generating properly (even if the spline does not have self intersection) – fixed.
• Frozen calculation –  fixed.
• Scenes with terrain were not generated properly – fixed.
• Scenes using third party plugins that had auto-update enabled on surface object was very slow to generate – fixed.

Announcements / Cityscape Pro v0.8.1 beta
« on: October 23, 2019, 10:26:59 pm »
A new version of Cityscape Pro is available.


• Added 2 extra hardscape area slots.
• Optimized code resulting up to 30% faster calculation times.
• Improvements in user interface.


• Imported splines from CAD software no longer cause freezing during a calculation.
• Open splines are now detected even if the spline is already picked.
• Spline areas that were accidentally converted to geometry won’t be calculated to prevent errors.
• Dark spots no longer appear on a generated model.
• If the surface object already has a material, a default grey material won’t be applied during the first calculation.
• Fixed render node support.

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