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Cityscape Pro
Cityscape Pro
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It is recommended to use inches in 3ds Max System Units Scale –  Click Customize>>Units Setup>>System Unit Setup>>System Unit Scale: 1 Unit = 1 Inches.

Hello, Cityscape Pro comes with two types of licenses, a Workstation License, that has a User Interface, and a Render Node license that is used only for rendering.

The license type can be selected during the installation. Render node licenses... (More)

The surface object is used as a base for all calculations. The geometry should be single sided, with normals facing upwards. The topology should be simple, clean and uniform, a plane object would be ideal, but complex terrain objects can... (More)

The result that gets generated by Cityscape Pro gets updated on each generation. It is not recommended to apply modifiers on top of Curbed Area geometry, otherwise all custom edits on generated Curbed Area geometry will be lost on next... (More)